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I love this time of year – the adrenaline-junky kid in me gets to watch some scary movies and eat more treats than I probably should. The performer in me gets a new costume and look that’s just for fun. There’s so much creativity in the air, and so many of my friends and colleagues sharing thoughts for Halloween costumes and content. It’s incredibly inspiring! And gives me so many wonderful ideas to take into the future.

Subscribers will be in for a real treat this week, as I catch up with divine Trixie Monroe to chat all about dress-ups, whether it’s dressing up for sex, adventures in cosplay, or why we think people love watching superheroes bang, this is a great little chat just in time for Halloween antics. But it’s not just talking costumes. This week’s explicit photoset has Trixie and I decked out in our costumes, up for some Halloween fun. And it only heats up as we drop ‘Trixie’s Treat’ – a Halloween movie that shows just what can happen when you have no candy.

Speaking of sweet things I’d like to gift, this week I thought I’d share some of my expertise when it comes to bringing a bit of fun-time fear to your sex life. Fear and sexual arousal have some common physiology. Both pump blood faster, make the skin tighter and more sensitive, release adrenaline and dopamine, and create a feeling of desire – a desire to get the fuck out of the situation, or a desire for more. So take a deep breath, be brave, and have a go at one of these.

Discrete Flashing: As you may know from my content creation, I am not averse to some public play. It is such a massive rush for me! I love being naked under a dress, and flashing my date at dinner, or letting a nipple slip from my shirt. As with a lot of sexy times in public, the fear comes from being caught.

Remote Egg Vibes: There is nothing more thrilling than sitting down for a nice meal, with a bullet vibe inside me, and my partner in control. It’s not so much the fear of being caught, cos that’s not so much of an issue. It’s more the fear of how I might behave. What if the vibe is buzzed as I’m trying to order a drink? Or as I’m trying to take a sip?!

Public Sex: Obviously this is a very illegal one, unless you’re at a sex-on-premises event, like a swingers club. But I guess it’s the illegality that proves so thrilling for many. As much as I love a swingers event, there’s something to be said for being fucked over the bonnet of a car in a suburban side street on a summer’s night. Pick a darker spot and it’s pretty easy to spot other people before they spot you. And be sure to pick positions that could be mistaken for general affection.

Confessing A Fantasy: We all have them, and it can be super scary to divulge them, even with someone you trust. And this, my friends, is one of the many blessings sex workers give the world – a place for people to safely admit to their fantasies, and sometimes have them enacted. But before launching your full fantasy onto an unsuspecting partner, take the temperature of how they may respond. Ask a few general questions about the topic – this should give you a good gage on whether they’ll want to hear your further thoughts about it.

Hiding Game (Find Me and Fuck Me): I must admit I can be a bit of a brat, and very much enjoy playing The Hiding Game. Not only is it a pretty hot tease for whoever it is trying to find me, it is a gorgeous rush for me; I feel naughty, and cheeky, and giggly, but at the same time, I’m trying not to make a sound. I’m trying to hone my hearing to my Seeker and trying not to let my excitement get the better of me.

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It’s all treats here. Come join me.

Happy Halloween,

Charlie x

Hello all you wonderful hotties, and welcome to another blog.

This week, my subscribers are in for a treat as the wet and juicy fun continues. Coming up in my next photoset upload, we keep the good times blowin' as I get my mouth around the cock of Finley Kay. Then changing pace, but keeping things sloppy, I'm excited to talk all things squirting in this week's interview, before giving you the full insight with the slow and seductive squirt scene, 'Bathtub Bliss'. There is no better time to subscribe - this content is crazy hot!

Speaking of hot. As I was going through some of this week's content, I had an idea for a scene; imagine this.

We’re in a light and bright bathroom, with a deep, wide bath sunken into the floor. It’s clean, and surrounded by ferns, and rubber tree plants, and feels like a lush little jungle. I could be wearing a very cute leopard print bikini – be all ‘queen of the realm’. Or perhaps I need something lighter and lace – play the seductive water nymph. But naked could be best; why let anything get in our way? Whatever the case, I stand firm and commanding at the bath’s edge, and nod permission for your completely unclothed self to enter the empty tub.

I knock the plug into the bath with the tip of my toe, and without a word, you slide it across the smooth enamel, and fit it into it’s hole. I reach for the tap, and hold to it as I lower myself towards to bath. Sitting on the edge, legs dangle into the tub. ‘Lay back’, I say, ‘I’m gonna run you a bath’. I take my hand off the tap, and begin playing between my spread legs.

The squelchy, squealy, squishiness that follows can be experienced in many other places on my site, so I won’t go into too many details here when you can go see for yourself easily enough. But, I squirt. I gush juices all over my hand as I finger myself, my cunt splashing it’s pleasure over your bare skin. Both of us hissing ‘yes’, the stream breaks free – squirt hosing you down, it’s flow pulsing over you in time with the incredible release rippling through my body.

Your sopping body slides down smooth enamel, the bathtub slippery with my cum. ‘Time to wash you,’ I say with a smile, as I sink into the tub. I take my time cleaning up your body with my mouth. Determined to lick up as much of my juice as I can, I cover your body with my tongue, at the same time searching out new wet spots with my hands. This is a hunger that keeps on feeding itself – the more I get, the more it makes me wanna do it all over again.

Licking my lips, I sit back and savour myself. I relax back, catching my breath, and stretch my leg to rest my foot in your lap. I close my eyes, as you take my foot in your hands and begin gently massaging my cum into the sole. Your fingers enter between my toes, while your thumbs knead at the pads and slide easily into the arch of my foot, my pussy juices better than any massage oil. I relish the moment…

Now I just need the perfect ending.

If YOU have any ideas on how you'd like to see this scene finish, feel free to leave them in the comments below.

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Wishing you a week so tasty, your mouth waters,

Charlie x

I’m so excited about this week’s content. I’m literally salivating while writing this! Not only is this content soooo fucking sexy, but it contains one of my favourite things – a long, sloppy blowjob. It’s true, I am an absolute sucker for a mouth full of cock, whether it’s a long, slow, love-making with my mouth, or flat out face fucking, I’m in.

Now, I’ve noticed there’s a bunch of article and blogs explaining how to suck great dick, but there is very little out there for those who are trying to GET an awesome blowjob. There are plenty of ways to encourage a partner to WANT your dick in their mouth. Let me share some with you.

1) Personal Hygiene: Body odour can be a huge turn on, but there is such a thing as too much. You have much more chance of having someone enthusiastically explore your junk if it’s fresh and clean.

2) Grooming: If you’ve ever dreamt of sinking both balls deep inside a wet, wide mouth, consider shaving or trimming your pubes. This can enhance your sensitivity, allowing for skin on skin contact, while also ensuring your partner can go to work without choking on hair.

3) Get In Position: If you lay on your back, you’ll increase your chance of being blown. This position allows the giver access to your body from their own place of comfort, while giving you an amazing view of all the slippery, spitty, wet, messy action.

4) Have A Drink Nearby: Even the most cock-hungry of us can run into a dry mouth. Look after your partner by having a drink on hand. Juices can work really well cos they’re high in sugar and all have an acidic content that increases saliva flow – this is fantastic if you want your cock drenched in lots of thin, watery spit. If you’re after thicker spit, more like that that comes from the throat, a milk-based drink is best.

5) Let the Giver Set the Pace: One thing sure to put people off blowjobs is pressure. As the receiver, do just that – lay back and accept that tongue on your shaft, that spit making you glisten, the mouth engulfing you. And then you can…

6) Encourage Your Partner: Once you’ve got that gorgeous mouth wrapped around your cock, stay connected to your partner. We cocksuckers take great pride in giving blowjobs, and we take our cues from you. Being watched in appreciation can be enough. When I hear encouraging words while my mouth is jammed with dick and I can only reply with my eyes and some deep groans, it just makes me want to have more.

7) The Cum: If the blowjob is ending in ejaculation (rather than being used as foreplay) then let your partner know when you’re getting ready, and ask them where they want it. Think of it as a their reward for all their hard work. Some people will want to watch you blow and squirt that jizz all over their chest; others will want to taste that warm spurt all over their tongue. But ask – it’s fucking sexy.

So this week you can expect a very hot head job scene, and an accompanying chat with scene partner Van Landers about great oral. Also dropping this week a whole new explicit photoset sure to give you the sweats as I pose outdoors in the springtime sun. So subscribe now for access to my previous uploads, and THREE new content drops each week including explicit photosets, interviews with me and my co-stars, and of course, some of the hottest sex performed by Australia’s best talent.

Wishing you the very best kind of sucky week,

Charlie x

This week I’ve been reflecting on one of my most challenging shoots ever. It was one of those things where everything that could go wrong did go wrong. But I feel like I learnt almost all my filmmaking lessons with this little production. And I’m so grateful.

So much work goes into creating these pieces – you can watch a gorgeous scene ten minute scene, but not see the many days worth of hours that go into that creation. The initial spark of inspiration for this venture was found in a random location – an old warehouse. I saw visions of rope suspension, and intricate knots, of someone using me as they pleased. It was a vision so fucking hot I had to make it happen. But if I knew now just how ambitious I was being, I would probably tell myself to chill the fuck out, and start somewhere simpler. The film could rightfully be called ‘The One Year Saga’!

It could also be called ‘This Was Four Hours Of Footage’. Yep – the beautiful twenty minutes that flows smooth as rope in a riggers hands was four hours of raw footage. I mean, who knew it would be tricky for me to direct while bound and suspended mid-air? Who coulda guessed the rigging would keep me on a slow, continuous spin, throwing shadows, messing with the lighting, and doing my videographers head in? And what a surprise that we all got pretty tired and over it.

If it weren’t for the people I was working with, I’d call this a total Nightmare Shoot. I had the great honour to have Shibari master Avalon working off-screen, in charge of the rope and rigging. My fun-time co-collaborator, Honey Analvherker performed as my Top. Both did a fantastic job in helping me bring this vision to life, and bring me a genuine fondness for this film that I wouldn’t otherwise have.

So this week, friends, fans and followers, all I ask is that you use a moment of your Charlie-time to sow some grains of gratitude. If you haven’t already subscribed, now’s your time. Not only do you get access to my previous uploads, but THREE new uploads each week featuring hot (HOT!!!) sex, explicit pics, and fascinating video interviews. It’s such a great way to show your appreciation.

And subscribers, know my next few orgasms are in gratitude to YOU. Your acknowledgement of all this hard work means so much to me.

Many appreciative kisses,

Charlie x