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Blog Posts With a 'authentic' Tag

Hi there friends, fans and followers. Welcome once again to my blog!

Some of you may have noticed these blogs have gone from weekly to fortnightly. As much as I love spending this time, kicking back and connecting over some words, currently life is so happily hectic that something had to give. And, as we all know, ‘Tis the Season’! So of course there’s all that to plan and organise on top of general life! Hopefully sometime next year, I’ll be able to get back to checking in with you all every week, but for now, fortnightly feels right.

I had a few ideas for topics for this blog – I guess without the weekly outlet, ideas are fighting to be heard. But to continue on the theme of honouring what ‘feels right’, I want to use this space to discuss something that many people ask about – porn sex versus my personal sex life. How are they different? How much of my porn is ‘performance’? Can porn ever be authentic? And keep in mind, I can only answer for me, and my particular mode of performing in and producing content. I don’t mean to speak generally on behalf of an entire industry. But it’s something many people are genuinely curious about, and I’m happy to share my personal perspective.

One thing that defines porn is that it is in some way staged – even with amateur porn those involved have set-up cameras, and are aware they’re being recorded (if they’re not aware, it’s not consensual, and it’s ‘crime’, not porn.) Even just his minimal staging, or setting up, leads to a performative aspect for those being filmed. Basically, if there’s cameras or recording involved, and that delicious feeling of being watched is felt, that awareness makes people play to the camera. See, I don’t think that’s inauthentic. I get turned on by being watched – genuinely and properly turned on. It doesn’t matter if it’s in my personal life or professional life.

The main differences between a porn shoot and my personal sex life are:

- the paperwork

- the amount of make-up I’m wearing

- the lighting

- the crew in the room, and their accompanying equipment

- being paid

The main similarities between a porn shoot and my personal sex life are:

- the personal engagement

- the nudity

- the joy of an incredible experience

- choosing my partners

- not giving away any details

I mean, honestly the differences are in the setting up rather than the sex itself. There is nothing spontaneous about shooting porn. Before the shoot even starts, the team needs to be informed of the plan, and know each other’s limits and likes. We work to a tight schedule, and think very carefully about how and where to set things up for the desired effect. We have to be mentally flexible, and able to think quickly if any problems arise. And while being so mentally ‘on’ we also need to be relaxed enough to be physically comfortable and able to perform. All this setting up exists so that we can just let the cameras roll and attempt to capture sexual chemistry as authentically as possible.

Many of my shoots are inspired by my personal life – things I do in private, sexy adventures shared with me by those I know, even seeing a location, or having a fairly everyday experience. Often when we create a scenario or ‘storyline’ for a photoset or film, we do it to contextualise some of the action we want to shoot. My favourite thing is when those worlds collide, and we have a cute little story with some seriously hot sex, and these seem to be amongst your favourites too.

My personal life, particularly the more intimate side of it, informs a lot of the porn I produce, so again, my personal and professional often intersect in some beautiful ways. But my personal sex life is just that – personal. It’s for me and those with who I experience it. It’s something I treasure, and keep close. And I like to know that it’s mine.

But I’ve got so much coming up for you! The content over the next couple of weeks is red hot – I feel like the intensity is escalating as the year reaches it’s end! This week features some beautiful collaborations featuring content creator Michelle Hart (watch as I make her ultimate fantasy come to life) and don’t miss my photoset with internet sweetheart Estelle Lucas. And the following week, it’s just you and me, my sweets! There’s a lot of solo action as I prepare myself for the fuck-a-thon I have planned on my very small break.

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Sending you all the very best of wishes for this festive season – bring it on!

Charlie x