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Tips for Being a Better Bottom
08/30/2023 10:27pm
Tags: anal bottom sex

Bottoming, or being the receptive partner during anal sex, can be intimidating. However, there is no need to be nervous! With a little bit of preparation and practice, anyone can become a better bottom. So if you are interested in improving your skills as a bottom and having more pleasurable experiences with your partners, read on!

Preparation is Key

The first step to becoming a better bottom is to do some research. Read up on how to properly clean yourself before and after anal sex so that you can stay safe and healthy. Not sure where to start? There are plenty of online resources and books available that can get you up to speed quickly. Or, if you don't wish to clean out, have this conversation with your partner. Some people are OK with a little mess - and they should be! After all, even if you clean out accidents can happen. But some partners feel very uncomfortable, and it's important to know their boundaries beforehand. Additionally, it will be helpful to invest in some lube; using lube during anal sex helps reduce friction and makes the experience more enjoyable for both parties. In particular you will need silicone or oil based lube as it lasts longer and isn't absorbed. Take care with oil based lube on condoms though, they do destroy them.

Take It Slow

When it comes to bottoming, it’s important to remember that slow and steady wins the race. Don’t rush into anything—take time to relax your body and get comfortable with each new sensation before adding something else. This will help ensure that the experience remains pleasurable while also giving you some control over the situation. This might involve getting you partner to start by inserting one finger, then two, then three. I often do this prior to scenes to get myself comfortable.

Communication Is Crucial

At its core, bottoming is about having an intimate relationship with your partner—so communication is essential! Talk openly with your partner about what feels good (or bad) during the experience; this dialogue will help make sure everyone involved is comfortable and enjoying themselves. Additionally, make sure you take time between each activity to check in with yourself; if something doesn’t feel right at any point, don’t be afraid to speak up! Take breaks from anal as well as you need it, and make sure your partner understands to stop or change what they are doing as you need in order to feel most comfortable.

Being a better bottom doesn't have to be hard work; by following these simple tips anyone can become an expert in no time. Although it might feel intimidating at first, bottoming can actually be incredibly rewarding when done correctly. So take some time beforehand for research and preparation, talk openly with your partner throughout the experience, and above all else don't forget to enjoy yourself! With these steps under your belt you'll soon find yourself becoming an even better bottom than ever before!

Charlie x

When it comes to the topic of porn, the conversation often veers into a discussion about morality or what is considered “right” and “wrong.” But what if I told you that porn doesn’t have to be a bad thing? As long as consenting adults are involved, porn can actually help bring couples closer together in the bedroom! Let’s take a look at how.

Exploring Fantasies & Desires Together

One of the great things about watching porn together is that it allows couples to explore each other’s fantasies and desires without feeling embarrassed or uncomfortable. It also opens up lines of communication so that partners can talk openly and honestly about what they both find arousing. While talking about sex can feel awkward for some people, watching porn together can make it easier because there is an external stimulus present to help break down any inhibitions either partner may have.

Getting Creative with Positions & Techniques

Another great benefit of watching porn together is that it can provide couples with some ideas on new positions and techniques they might want to try out in the bedroom. Watching performers do all kinds of wild things in porn movies can give couples inspiration for their own sex lives, helping them come up with new ways to keep things interesting and exciting. Plus, even if one partner isn't comfortable trying out something they saw in a movie, just discussing different sexual acts can lead partners down paths they may not have explored otherwise.

Normalizing Different Sexual Preferences & Practices

Finally, watching porn together can help normalize different sexual preferences and practices for couples who may not always agree on what kind of sex they both enjoy. Seeing different types of sex represented onscreen—whether that includes BDSM, anal play, roleplay, etc.—can open up conversations between partners who may never have thought about exploring those activities before. What's more, seeing certain activities depicted positively in a movie can help reduce any judgment or stigma one partner may be feeling towards other sexual acts or preferences.

Watching porn together doesn't have to be seen as taboo; instead, it's an opportunity for couples to explore their fantasies and desires while also getting creative with new positions and techniques when it comes time to get frisky between the sheets! So if you're looking for ways to bring more excitement into your relationship then why not give adult films a try? Who knows—you might just learn something new!

Charlie x

Whether you’re an avid porn enthusiast or just curious about how to do some of the four craziest positions, this post will take you through a step-by-step guide on how to accomplish each one. Get ready to master the Full Nelson, Pile Driver, Wheelbarrow, and Triple Penetration!

The Full Nelson -

Step 1: Start by having your partner sit in reverse cowgirl on you, while you are in a seated position

Step 2: Next, wrap your arms around the outside of their knees. then bring your hands around each side of their face and interlock your fingers behind their head

Step 3: Finally, begin thrusting up and down short and shallowly.

The Pile Driver -

Step 1: Have your partner sit backward on a chair then lean backwards so their head and shoulders are on the floor and their back is resting on the chair

Step 2: squat over their genitals, facing towards them, and insert your penis into either their ass or pussy depending on what they feel like

Step 3: gently fuck. Deep penetration feels much more extreme in this position so this is not one to go hard in.

The Wheelbarrow -

Step 1: Have your partner kneel down with their hands on the floor and their butt in the air.

Step 2: Begin pulling on their legs while slowly pushing into them from behind until they are extended into a wheelbarrow position.

Step 3: You can then adjust the angle to get maximum penetration while thrusting away!

Triple Penetration -

Step 1: Find two partners who don’t mind getting it on with each other as well as you!

Step 2: Have the person being penetrated in a doggy position, over the top of person 1. Person one inserts into the pussy. Person two kneels behind and enters the ass or pussy (depending on if you are doing double vaginal or double anal). Person 3 squats very deeply over the top of the person being penetrated and enters the ass. This is by far the most athletic position so someone with good fitness and flexibility must be here.

Finally…Step 3 – Enjoy!

Conclusion: The ultimate goal when attempting any of these four porn positions is pleasure for all parties involved! If done correctly these can result in some extremely intense orgasms that will leave everyone wanting more!

Be sure to take things slow and use lots of lube to ensure that everyone has a good time. So now that you know how to do these four crazy positions it’s time for you try them out for yourself!

Best of luck!

Charlie x

If you’re someone who’s looking for an unforgettable experience in the bedroom, then you should consider taking your lovemaking outside and getting busy on a beach! There’s something about having sex on the beach that makes it feel more passionate and sensual than in the bedroom. It adds an element of excitement and spontaneity to your routine which can make for a truly unforgettable experience. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at what it feels like to fuck on a beach so you can decide if it’s something worth exploring.

The Surroundings

One of the most enjoyable aspects of having sex on the beach is being surrounded by such beautiful scenery. Whether you decide to do it at sunrise or sunset, there’s something incredibly romantic about making love while looking out onto an ocean view or watching the stars twinkle in the night sky. Not only that, but feeling sand between your toes and hearing waves crashing against each other in the background creates an aura of intimacy that just isn’t quite achievable inside four walls.

When You're Connecting Physically

Having sex on a beach also offers up some unique physical sensations that are impossible to get indoors. Being so close to nature and exposed to elements such as wind and sun means that each touch has a heightened level of pleasure associated with it due to its intensity - from gentle breezes tickling your skin to warm sunrays caressing your body. Furthermore, because sand is softer than any mattress or bed, every movement feels smoother and more comfortable than usual - allowing for greater connection between two bodies during intercourse. This results in a deeper level of intimacy between two people who are indulging in a bit of outdoor fun!

All things considered, fucking on a beach is certainly worth exploring if you’re looking for something new and exciting in the bedroom. Not only does it offer up some unique physical sensations, but being able to take advantage of such beautiful natural surroundings makes it incredibly romantic too. So why not seize this opportunity to have an unforgettable experience with your partner? We guarantee you won’t regret it!

Charlie x