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Hello again, my wonderful crew! Whether you’re sweating it up in the southern hemisphere Summer, or getting cosy in the wintery north, I hope you’re all settling into the new year and enjoying all the juicy content you can.

For me the new year has brought with it some fucking amazing talent, and the opportunity to make some incredibly unique content, some of which will be available to subscribers over the coming weeks. It’s gorgeous stuff, and gets pretty kinky. I’m excited for you to see it.

Sometimes I wonder how often people watch one of my scenes and suddenly decide it’s something they’d like to try. I know I definitely got some of my fantasies or desires unexpectedly – just seeing someone else have the experience. I think that’s part of the reason I like having this blog; it’s space I can use to encourage or inform you on how to possibly try some of these things in a safe and comfortable way.

Doing so much kink and BDSM play – both professionally and personally – and being someone who loves exploration, this week I just wanted to gently encourage those considering bringing more kink play to their life. Many people aren’t in the position to be open about their fetishes, and some aren’t even aware that they have them (or maybe thought they were alone with them). So for those just beginning to dip in their toes into the kink world, I would love to offer these suggestions.

Before you even start playing, you need a partner you can trust, and that’s regardless of whether you’re interested in a Dominant or submissive role. You need to know the person you’re playing with will respond to your needs, and/or communicate their needs to you.

As we know with online meet-ups, it’s always better to meet in public. There are often casual meets in cafes or pubs where kinksters get together in an everyday space just to chat and catch up (They’re called ‘munches’). There’s no BDSM gear or outfits – it’s all very ‘vanilla’. But it’s a really great space to meet up with other kinksters you’ve met online in a very safe and supportive space.

Join an online community. Social media offers a few options – there are kink themed pages on Facebook you can like, or BDSM peeps on Insta or Twitter. And then there’s a couple of platforms specific to the BDSM and fetish communities, the biggest of which is Fetlife. Online communities may not be perfect – pages on the mainstream platforms are always of threat of some sort of ban or suspension, and Fetlife has some navigation issues – but they can also help you meet people, learn things, find events in your area, and potentially inspire your kinky play.

One thing to make sure of is that you find someone passionate about consent and safety. And come to think of it, that will probably be the topic for my next blog. Both are so connected to a great kink experience, so I think it’s really important to discuss it. It might come sooner than you think!

Speaking of cumming sooner than you think… Very fucking HOT content!!! Over the next couple of weeks, you’ll find out exactly why I’ve been so orgasmic over my first time shooting with the adorably wicked Marina Lee, and why Laney Day was the perfect addition to this slippery, double-scissoring sisterhood.

Fuck! Things get so sexy messy, it’s a total treat. And of course, it wouldn’t be a solid fortnight unless my arse was getting fondled, fingered or fucked – several times, by several people. Well subscribers, over the next two weeks, you will see it all. Videos, interviews, and explicit photosets – three uploads a week, all for you.

If you haven’t subscribed, what are you waiting for?

Get on it for your chance to see some of the hottest independent adult film, starring some of Australia’s most fantastic talent, THREE times a week. You know you want it.

Wishing you all the best until next time,

Charlie x

A Day On the Set
Tags: pornstar filming

Variety is the spice of life. And as you’ve seen from my content, I love changing things up. For me my days on set are some of the best on my calendar. Not only is all the labour leading up to the shoot about to be realised, but I’m about to hang out with some truly glorious people, and get a hole or three seen to! Even when it’s physically and intellectually exhausting, challenging, and chaotic, it’s in the most exhilarating and blissful way.

It’s always an early start. Best case scenario, I get to stay on location the night before, but even if I do, it only saves me an extra hour or so. I always try to arrive on set well before the cast and crew begin to arrive. It’s good to be able to acquaint myself with the space, get the necessary paperwork ready, and visualise staging ideas.

Once I’ve booked a location for a day, we try to get as much out of the space as possible, so there’ll be numerous scenes being shot that day. Generally the crew arrive first, and as we chat through ideas for lighting, and camera angles, we also start unpacking the many crates of gear required to get the job done. Depending on the schedule, and the required look for the first shoot, I might also start hair and make-up. Generally, I think we’re pretty well organised, with the crew handling the set-up by the time the cast start arriving.

When I schedule a day of shooting, we always leave the messier, crazier shit til last – makes sense, right? So the day generally starts with whatever is simplest to shoot – be it fewest cast members, tightest space, least angles. Before we start shooting, we just hang out; get paperwork done, chat about life while we finish up hair and make-up, and go over what the scene will look like, and what we’re wanting to achieve. Once we’re ready, it’s over to the crew for a couple of walk-throughs, checking the light, camera angles, sound levels etc. and way the action play out. After that, someone calls action. And I get a thrill in my gut every time.

(I’ve written a post in this blog about porn sex – what it’s like and how it differs from sex in my personal life. Go check it out for more details. Kiss!)

I’m pretty good at bouncing back from a sexy endorphin rush, so after pacifying my pussy for the required amount of time, and promising her there’ll be more orgasms to come, I settle into a little debrief with my collaborators while I rehydrate and refuel. Between shoots, we usually have maybe 90 mins of break in between. But when I say ‘break’, a lot of that goes into setting up for the next scene. I’ve got to wash and freshen up – often redo hair and or make-up, the equipment needs to be moved, and re-set, and the newly arriving cast-members need to be welcomed and settled in, then briefed on our intentions for the shoot.

As I mentioned earlier, the intensity and complexity of the shoots is planned to escalate throughout the day, so we don’t tire anyone out too early, or take the chance of messing up the schedule. It’s not uncommon for the number of people on-set to grow throughout the day. I’m often blessed with cast members arriving early, or staying after their shoot to help out on set. It’s such a fucking wholesome and wonderful thing, and an excellent example of the adorable camaraderie created on our shoots. I get tingles thinking about it.

Around mid-afternoon, we’re at least two scenes in, and doing some eats, and setting up for our final shoots. Often we’ll shoot interview material, or do a photoset if we’re dressed and ready for a scene. But this is usually a pretty chill time, amping up to whatever big messy thing we have planned. If it’s an orgy on a dining table, aggressive sploshing, cake-fed blowjobs, watersports, rope, or just pools of squirt, there’s a pretty good chance it was up last on the schedule. There are some clean-ups and comedowns that really do need time, especially Shibari and hardcore sploshing!

The day ends in any number of ways, always spontaneous and dependent on how we’re all feeling. Sometimes we’re all just keen to haul arse home to our pets, so the pack up is quick, and organised – the crew are super precise with their process, and if there’s bonus help we can get out pretty quick. But other times, we grab dinner and have some drinks, and hang out into the night, chatting while we gather power cords and sand bags, pretty much cruising the pack-up. And then indulging in some of the luxuries the location may have on offer – Hello spa! Hi beautiful balcony! Hey there stunning views! I mean, it’s really not terrible.

I do wonder what my typical shoot will look like in the future. Much of my content was created under the restricted circumstances of Melbourne lockdowns. Not only were there very few times to create, but the time we did have was finite – even if we could get together, the next lockdown was potentially just around the corner, so we had to make as much content as we could when we could. Now that we’re living in a lockdown-free reality it’s easier to shoot less content more frequently and settle that Shoot Day schedule down a bit. But will I? I guess 2022 will tell.

Hoping 2022 is being good to you all so far!

Best wishes,

Charlie x

Welcome back to my blog, wonderful people. I hope this post finds you happy and well, having a well-earned rest after the silly season.

So what a year it’s been, hey? Another fucking HARD one! I have gotta say I am so proud of my Melbourne-based team for keeping up the momentum during the times that it was almost impossible to make plans, let alone connect in any meaningful manner. I am truly blessed to have such creative minds working with me, finding ways to make meaningful content in lockdown, and being ready to spring into action as soon as restrictions eased. My co-collaborators have been rock stars – patient, enthusiastic, and always willing to shine for the camera. It hasn’t been the easiest year, but if we can produce this quality of content working around lockdown conditions, can you even imagine what we will accomplish during 2022? I am just so super excited for what the future will bring. I have some big plans in the works, but there’ll be more on that in weeks to come – do be sure to watch this space.

Over the next couple of weeks, I have some of the most incredible content you could imagine, including some more ‘firsts’. You may have noticed last week was full of solo stuff, and I genuinely hope you loved it and lusted over it. To change things up a bit, this week I have not one, but TWO co-stars. Finley Kay makes his way into my panties once again, and I’ll also introduce you to the super sexy James Colt. And let me tell you, we are certainly ending the year with a bang! This week you’ll find photosets, an interview and film featuring these two gorgeous men filling my every hole… Yes, I finally get some long-awaited DP!

I fucking love this scene, and double penetration in general. Even just masturbating with a butt plug or anal toy is incredible. There is a sensual level that is just wild for me when my arse and pussy get simultaneous attention – I feel like having all those wonderful nerve endings in my arsehole activated just makes my pussy all the more sensitive. And the more I have in my butt, the tighter my pussy feels, which brings some extra enhancement to those yummy internal spots. It’s almost like every possible feeling is happening all at once – the front and back wall get stimulated at the same time, and it just feels so FULL. But when two cocks are in play, both inside me together, it’s almost like feeling one big cock that hits every spot. Omg, I love it so much. And I’m sure you will too, once you see it.

And to add to the enticement, look out for the New Year, and a change of pace as holiday chill-times begin, and I can kick back with a book, hang out at home, and play with my holes as I wile and wank the day away. Rest assured I’ll be sharing it here with you all.

Thank you so much for your ongoing support, and subscriptions – enjoy the show, and I’ll see you here in 2022.

Happy New Year, hotties!


Charlie x

Hi there friends, fans and followers. Welcome once again to my blog!

Some of you may have noticed these blogs have gone from weekly to fortnightly. As much as I love spending this time, kicking back and connecting over some words, currently life is so happily hectic that something had to give. And, as we all know, ‘Tis the Season’! So of course there’s all that to plan and organise on top of general life! Hopefully sometime next year, I’ll be able to get back to checking in with you all every week, but for now, fortnightly feels right.

I had a few ideas for topics for this blog – I guess without the weekly outlet, ideas are fighting to be heard. But to continue on the theme of honouring what ‘feels right’, I want to use this space to discuss something that many people ask about – porn sex versus my personal sex life. How are they different? How much of my porn is ‘performance’? Can porn ever be authentic? And keep in mind, I can only answer for me, and my particular mode of performing in and producing content. I don’t mean to speak generally on behalf of an entire industry. But it’s something many people are genuinely curious about, and I’m happy to share my personal perspective.

One thing that defines porn is that it is in some way staged – even with amateur porn those involved have set-up cameras, and are aware they’re being recorded (if they’re not aware, it’s not consensual, and it’s ‘crime’, not porn.) Even just his minimal staging, or setting up, leads to a performative aspect for those being filmed. Basically, if there’s cameras or recording involved, and that delicious feeling of being watched is felt, that awareness makes people play to the camera. See, I don’t think that’s inauthentic. I get turned on by being watched – genuinely and properly turned on. It doesn’t matter if it’s in my personal life or professional life.

The main differences between a porn shoot and my personal sex life are:

- the paperwork

- the amount of make-up I’m wearing

- the lighting

- the crew in the room, and their accompanying equipment

- being paid

The main similarities between a porn shoot and my personal sex life are:

- the personal engagement

- the nudity

- the joy of an incredible experience

- choosing my partners

- not giving away any details

I mean, honestly the differences are in the setting up rather than the sex itself. There is nothing spontaneous about shooting porn. Before the shoot even starts, the team needs to be informed of the plan, and know each other’s limits and likes. We work to a tight schedule, and think very carefully about how and where to set things up for the desired effect. We have to be mentally flexible, and able to think quickly if any problems arise. And while being so mentally ‘on’ we also need to be relaxed enough to be physically comfortable and able to perform. All this setting up exists so that we can just let the cameras roll and attempt to capture sexual chemistry as authentically as possible.

Many of my shoots are inspired by my personal life – things I do in private, sexy adventures shared with me by those I know, even seeing a location, or having a fairly everyday experience. Often when we create a scenario or ‘storyline’ for a photoset or film, we do it to contextualise some of the action we want to shoot. My favourite thing is when those worlds collide, and we have a cute little story with some seriously hot sex, and these seem to be amongst your favourites too.

My personal life, particularly the more intimate side of it, informs a lot of the porn I produce, so again, my personal and professional often intersect in some beautiful ways. But my personal sex life is just that – personal. It’s for me and those with who I experience it. It’s something I treasure, and keep close. And I like to know that it’s mine.

But I’ve got so much coming up for you! The content over the next couple of weeks is red hot – I feel like the intensity is escalating as the year reaches it’s end! This week features some beautiful collaborations featuring content creator Michelle Hart (watch as I make her ultimate fantasy come to life) and don’t miss my photoset with internet sweetheart Estelle Lucas. And the following week, it’s just you and me, my sweets! There’s a lot of solo action as I prepare myself for the fuck-a-thon I have planned on my very small break.

Tis the Season to give yourself the gift of a subscription – grab it now and take yourself through the festive season and beyond with THREE DOWNLOADS PER WEEK, featuring a photoset, film, and exclusive interviews.

Sending you all the very best of wishes for this festive season – bring it on!

Charlie x