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Threesomes are an exciting way to spend an afternoon! Whether you’re new to the experience, or you have threesomes regularly, it’s always fun have double the pleasure. When having a threesome, it’s the only time you can get oral and make out at the same time. It’s like getting to go to two amusement parks at one time, only the amusement is a warm, smooth, sexy body that your hands and genitals get to ride on. Who doesn’t love extra pleasure?!

The only downside when it comes to a threesome is when one or more people is not as open-minded when it comes to polyamorous relationships, or when someone gets too attached. It’s easy to accidentally show favoritism, then you have two people having sex and one awkward bystander. If someone gets too attached, you can have jealousy issues that arise, which will just bring drama to your life later. If you even get a hint that there might be jealousy later, run!

While heaps of men want to try a threesome, not many of them know how to initiate one. It’s quite easy, when you know how, and the first time is the hardest one to initiate. If you have an open-minded partner, start by asking if they’d be open to a threesome. This idea may take a while to grow on them, but once they’ve thought about it for a while, they may warm up to the idea. If you’re not in a relationship and you want to be someone’s third, then go online and find a swinger site where people are specifically looking for thirds. You can also try asking your mates if they are open to a threesome, as long as they’re the fun types that are into that sort of thing!

Threesomes aren’t scary or taboo, and more people are becoming open to trying them lately. If you’re in a relationship, don’t be afraid to ask your partner to consider an extra person for a no-strings-attached threesome with someone you trust to not get attached. If you’re not in a relationship, then get out there and find two people to have some fun and experiment with!

Charlie x

Sex is one of the most exciting activities in the world. I don’t think anyone should limit their sexual encounters to the basics, since there’s an entire world of new positions and techniques out there that are just waiting for you to try them.

Let’s be real, everyone has those secret fantasies that you’re too shy or embarrassed to mention. If you never mention it, though, then how will you ever get a chance to try it out? Whether it’s a foot fetish, or anal play, or pegging, there will always be someone out there willing to try your sexual fantasies with you.

Exploring new sexual desires is half the fun of having sex to begin with! When you’re open to exploring new methods, you might just find that your fetish is not that weird, or that you have a new favorite way to orgasm!

Experimenting can be anything from trying new positions to trying multiple partners or situations! Constantly having sex with the same person in the same position gets old fast. Try switching it up! I personally like to try different positions in different locations with different partners.

This may sound a bit difficult to keep up with, but having multiple partners means I always have someone willing to try new things with me. Even if one person is opposed to trying something, I can always find someone else who’s willing to try my new ideas. If it’s good, I get it on film and post it for all the world to enjoy.

If you aren’t an “ideas person”, try watching some of my videos for different things to try. It might inspire you come up with your own new positions! There will never be too much sex in the world.

Don’t be afraid to get out there and test the limits with what your body can do and take, even if it scares you a little bit! You don’t need to be a porn star or a gymnast to test your flexibility, so stretch those muscles and a bend in new ways. Go to a sex party or swinger’s party. Get a tripod and record a movie, even if no one watches it. Have fun with it.

This is your life, and you’re the only one who can live it!

Charlie x

Have you ever wondered what it takes to make it in the sexiest industry on the market? I’m not sure what all the big names do, but this is how I make it.

I start my day just like anyone else. I wake up and get dressed and maybe have a spot of breakfast. From there, on production days, I have my hair and makeup done, then pick my outfit and get ready to film!

When it comes to the actual porn industry and producing content, there is more than just “record sex and post it”. I had to hire producers and support staff that I trust to help me make the content, find partners that I have some sort of spark or chemistry with, edit all the footage, then post it to my various sites. Most times, editing and posting takes longer than the actual production!

I’m lucky in my partner selection, because I’m open to experimenting and I have a few partners that are the same. This is important because you need to be open-minded when creating new content, if you want your audience and fans to keep coming back for more! Finding a producer with heaps of new ideas is a big help, too. I had to find one that was perfect for my vision and who could keep up with my energy.

The editing is a process all on its own. You have to take shots from different camera angles and keep the film’s continuity in mind. You don’t want to have the same scene play from different angles, if it doesn’t fit in the film. Porn isn’t like regular sex, you have to keep the camera’s view in mind while appearing like you’re just caught up in the moment. Selecting the perfect angle, then stitching it together with other shots, then touching up brightness or blemishes, or other random adjustments.

For someone who’s not in the industry, or even for someone that’s just starting out, this might seem like a lot of work, and it can be. If you want to really take off, you’ve got to keep creating new and exciting content for your fans. I love it because it’s something I’m really good at, and it keeps me busy without becoming boring or repetitive. Porn gives me a creative outlet where I can experiment sexually and really just put myself out there. I really do adore making my own movies, and the fact that I get to work with so many diverse people is a huge added bonus!

Charlie x

Hey there wonderful people! Welcome back, once again. What a huge couple of weeks I’ve had – it’s been fantastic, but full-on, and I’ll have a bit more on that later.

Right now, I wanna keep delving into some kink and BDSM stuff, this time focusing mostly on safety (emotional and physical) and consent. Last time, I gave you a brief outline on making connections to the kink community, and creating a support base in which you can be a little more open about your desires, and learn more about them. So when you connect with someone and decide to get into some kink play, here’s some things to keep in mind, regardless of whether your dominating or submissive in the situation.

- Negotiate Clear Boundaries: Consenting to generally kinky fun is a bit of a beginner mistake, even if you’ve connected with someone you share kinks with. Kink and BDSM cover so much territory that it’s important to be clear about the activities you’re keen to engage in, and the things that could be triggering, or should be outright avoided. These desires and limits can change and grow as we do, so never think you’re restricting yourself by not doing ALL THE THINGS. Start with the fetishes you’re both super enthusiastic about, and build a solid foundation on which you can start setting some riskier scenes.

- Enthusiastic Consent: This is the form of consent I encourage all of you to practice. There is very little room for coercion or manipulation because it comes from a place of authentic eagerness, curiosity and excitement. When everyone in a kink scene is consensually engaged and excited about the prospects it can make for a pretty carefree fun time.

- Risk Awareness and Mitigation: Kink and BDSM are inherently risky – that’s part of what attracts many of us towards these activities. It adds another layer of adrenaline and sensation to our sex lives, and gives another layer of power and passion to relationships. Before you indulge in your particular fetish it’s good to get an idea of what the risks might be, and if there’s anything in your personal history that could limit or increase your risks. Whatever risks might be involved – some common ones include broken skin, bruising, caught restraints, hyperventilation – be sure to have care products ready to go once play has finished. We’ll cover this more in aftercare.

- Physical and Emotional Safety: You’ve done all the prep – found a willing and trustworthy partner, negotiated limits, and set up the required space. Even so, things don’t seem right and fun. Your enthusiasm has dwindled. Firstly, don’t think your consent is an undoable spell. If things aren’t feeling good, just call a stop. If your gut has been right about your chosen partner, there will likely be room to chat through any triggers, or problems, if that’s something you’d like to do. Know where the First Aid kit is – just in case!

- Aftercare: As the name suggests, aftercare is the activity that happens after the kink session. Like an intense fuck session, kink can be exhausting – so many feelings, so much stimulation, so much endurance. Aftercare acknowledges the intense connection BDSM allows, offering space in which to ground after what can be such a full-on time. Aftercare differs for everyone, and some people don’t even want it at all. It can include tending to wounds, cuddles and snacks, or a quiet chat to debrief. Just like the play itself, the aftercare is negotiated by the players involved and depends on what they want or need from each other.

Hopefully that’s a bit helpful! If there’s anything you do want to know, don’t hesitate to shoot me an email. I’m here to share with YOU so I’d happily hear your thoughts.

So what can subscribers look forward to over the next couple of weeks? You can be assured of three content drops per week – an explicit photoset, an exclusive interview, and of course, a hot and messy video full of cum and goodness.

This week, look out for more wet and slippery fuckery with the angelic Laney Day and the mesmerising Marina Lee.

If you follow my socials, you may have worked out I took a little trip. Coming up I’ll share with you some of my time spent in Berlin! I’m still in the process of unpacking – mostly my thoughts – but I can’t wait to let you all know how exciting it was to spend some time in one of the world’s most porn-friendly cities.

Wishing you all a fabulous fortnight,

Until next time,

Charlie x